Re-blogging this thoughtful and beautiful blog post re: monograms by Kate of Beau and Arrow events.


Monograms get a bad rap. I know I’ve seen some cheesy ones in my day, but lately people have been getting it right and making them look better than ever for weddings. Dare I say chic? Monograms instantly transform something from ordinary to a custom designed item- just with a few initials. Plus, they remind everyone why they’re all there celebrating in the first place- to see two people start their lives together and become one, and there can’t be a better reason to put your initals all over everything than that,right?

{Wall decal monogram via Bash Please, photo by Charley Star}

Decals are a great way to cover a large, white space with something decorative. The best part, they come right off at the end of the night and are often resuable, so you can stick up your monogram at home too!

{Reception table shot by Jill…

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