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I always get a ton of questions on monogram etiquette- so here’s some tips for the many brides who love monograms but may need some help!
Q: Whose name/initial goes first?
A:  Traditionally, the bride’s initial always comes first on a monogram. That way the Groom’s first initial isn’t separated from his last initial.
Q:What is the most traditional kind of monogram?
A: Three letter initials are generally considered the most traditional.  Bride’s first initial, couple’s last initial and then groom’s first initial. A single last initial monogram is also very traditional.
So if you were Madonna marrying William Defoe it would be: MDW.
Q: Is it ok to use full names instead of initials?
A:  Yes! Many brides use their full names, middle names, or even nicknames on wedding monograms and stationary. This is quite common and can often make the monogram feel more personalized!
Q: When can we start using our married monogram?
A: Follow these simple rules:
Before the wedding ceremony:Using a monogram with your new last name prior to the wedding (on your wedding invitations for example) is taboo. Instead, use a monogram that has just your first initials or first names.During the wedding ceremony:This is still a gray area, but I say if you want to use your married monogram, go for it! I personally feel the wedding ceremony is a perfect time to begin using your new monogram on anything from aisle runners, unity candles,favor tags ceremony programs, fans etc.During the wedding reception: Display your new married monogram proudly at your wedding reception on a table runner, menus, the cake, the dance floor, anything your heart desires!

After the wedding:  Display your monogram with one of our custom engraved monogram cake toppers! Each topper includes a keepsake base and will sit anywhere in your home as a loving memory of your wedding day. Monograms also look lovely when printed on the front of photo albums, holiday cards and other projects!